Only the Finest of Confections

This delicious treat needs no introduction and is undoubtedly one of the tastiest flavors ever to have been discovered or experienced. In two large display cases we have created a paradise of pure mouthwatering indulgence in Dark, Milk and White, from Clusters to soft, silky Cream Truffles, and from the simple goodness of Pete’s Broken Chocolate to heartwarming combinations like Dark Chocolate Mango Puree and Raspberry Jellies.

Visit us today and pick from our Delicious Collection of Assorted Confections.

• Milk Chocolate Nonpareils
• Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
• Milk Chocolate Pretzels
• M & M’s Chocolate Pretzels
• Dark Chocolate Cashew Patties
• Dark Chocolate Mango Puree
• Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookies
• Dark Chocolate Squares
• Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramels
• Sugar free Choc. Raspberry Jellies
• Sugar Free Dark Choc. Almond Bark

• Sugar Free Choc. Cashews Caramels
• Sugar Free Choc. Pecan Caramels
• Peter’s Milk Choc. Cashew Clusters
• Peter’s Milk Choc. Raisin Clusters
• Peter’s Milk Choc. Peanut Clusters
• Milk Chocolate Jordan Crackers
• Dark Chocolate Almonds
• Dark Chocolate Coconut Creams
• Milk Chocolate Molasses Sponges
• Milk Chocolate  Maple Creams
• Chocolate Truffles

CHO Pete's Broken (16x9).JPG

• Milk Chocolate Pumpkin
• Milk Choc. Irish Cream Truffles
• White Choc. Irish Cream Truffles
• Dark Choc. Raspberry Truffles
• Milk Choc. Caramel Truffles
• Dark Choc. Tiramisu Truffles
• Dark Chocolate Cherries
• Raspberry Jellies
• Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers
• Dark Chocolate Almond Bark
• Milk Choc. Vanilla Caramel Sea Salt

CHO Bowl Marble(16x9).jpg