The Sweetest Candy Treats

The Sweet Shop on Main Street is one of the few places where you can really feel like a kid in a candy store, .... literally. Come on in and check out our large assortment of Gummi's, Jelly's and Hard Candy for Sugar Lovers of all ages and with just the right candy to fill anybody's special sweet tooth.

Gummi Bears • Sour Gummi Bears • Gummi Sharks • Sour Patch Kids • Gummi Cola Bottles • Sour Neons • Sour Worms • Peach Rings • Raspberry Fruit Jells • Blackberry Fruit Jells • Swedish Fish • Jelly Bellies • Lollipops • Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookies • Salt Water Taffies• Tootsie Rolls • & Many More